1916 and All That: A History of Ireland From Back Then Until Right Now

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The central assumption behind ' And All That' is that, despite all of the compulsory school lessons and exams taken, there are only a few muddled facts of our history that most people retain into adulthood.

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We recall snatches of events, names and dates, and few of us can piece together a coherent narrative or offer up any description of events in detail. We all know Robert Emmet's name, but what did he do, why did he do it, and when?

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This book references the fuzzily remembered facts, but plays very fast and extremely loose with the details of our history. Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join.

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Instant Download. Description eBook Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! More eBooks in History See All. The Bush. The agreement also split Ireland in two, along a newly created border.

Irish Free State declared

Parts of Ulster where the majority of people were Unionists remained part of the UK, with its own self government. This created the province of Northern Ireland which was separate from the Free State. But the country didn't officially become a republic until - when the Republic of Ireland as it stands today was established. The Republic of Ireland Act effectively ended Ireland's status as a British dominion, abolishing any remaining functions of the King in relation to Ireland, and ending Ireland's membership of the British Commonwealth.

Travel: People living in the Ireland and the UK can travel freely between the two countries, without needing a passport. Irish is taught in all state schools, and there are also some schools were all lessons are in Irish, and English is taught as a second language, as is also the case in some parts of Northern Ireland.

1916 and All That

Instead of a King or Queen, Ireland votes in a President to be the country's head of state. The Republic of Ireland is part of the European Union, joining in This is why the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic has been a huge talking point in Brexit negotiations , because once the UK leaves the EU, Northern Ireland will be out and the Republic will remain in. In Ireland the government provides medical treatment for free or at a reduced cost for people on low incomes.

Others who are not entitled to a medical card must pay fees for certain health care services. Sport: Gaelic football and hurling are the two most popular sports in Ireland, but they aren't widely played in the UK. The Republic of Ireland has it's own national football team, while in rugby and cricket the Ireland national team represents both Northern Ireland and the Republic.

Money: The Republic of Ireland joined the Eurozone in Newsround on EU vote: Will it affect life on Irish border? Northern Ireland elections: Two children give their view.

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The history of Northern Ireland. The Troubles in Northern Ireland.

History of Ireland (–) - Wikipedia

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Ireland independence: Why Jan is an important date. Getty Images. In hundreds of unionists in Belfast marched through the streets with banners to protest against Irish Home Rule, signing a covenant to say they would not accept it. In , Ireland marked the th anniversary of the Easter Rising by holding commemorative events around the country. Hulton Deutsch. In Ireland's President Michael D.

Higgins made a state visit to the UK - the first since the Republic gained independence. The Queen made a state visit to the Republic of Ireland three years earlier.