Better Late Than Never

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Meaning of better late than never in English. Thesaurus: synonyms and related words Early ahead ahead of be up with the lark idiom belated better early early bird first get ahead of yourself idiom good ill-timed in good time idiom lark postdate premature prepone pumpkin schedule short the early bird catches the worm idiom.

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These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. Well, better late than never , but where on earth have our colleagues been all this time? From the Hansard archive.

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The agreement that has been reached is to be welcomed, but on the basis of " better late than never ". But better late than never , and any move to ensure that single and enforceable decisions on overall policy can be taken is a good move. But better late than never , and we must even now do what we can to look further ahead.

Perhaps it is a case of better late than never —or even, better never late. Certainly, better late than never is far preferable to too little too late. I give it one small half-cheer, on a " better late than never " basis.

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A government amendment that is needed is better late than never and one should never say anything which discourages governments from acting on that assumption. Still, better late than never , they realised that such powers were a good thing.

Fantasy fallout: Better late than never for Ronald Jones, DeVante Parker - NFL Nation- ESPN

The action was better late than never , but the measures were so small in comparison with what needs to be done. However, better late than never and it is a very good thing indeed that this is being undertaken. There, very late in the day but better late than never it has been possible to arrange ceilings for the net catches.

Better Late Than Never - Henry Winkler's Family History (Deleted Scene)

I know the many difficulties there are, but it is better late than never , so do it now. The event, which is staged in a beautiful corner of southern England, was really stunning, but I felt Italians could have organized something even better based around the Monza racetrack near Milan.

Since it was first held in , Goodwood has grown steadily in popularity and has become a venue for product debuts from automakers that have shunned traditional auto shows in recent years.

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The Italian answer seemed to come five years ago when Turin relaunched an open-air auto show using the city's Valentino park, which hosted car races from to , including Formula One. The event was an attempt to demonstrate the public's desire to view cars up close and attract automakers with a low-cost approach. The first steps were promising, but since the third show in the city's new administration has started to resist the event's use of the park as it seeks to reduce traffic in Turin.

The prosperity of Turin, home of Fiat, has been dependent on the auto industry for over a century, to the point that it is referred to as 'the Detroit of Italy.