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Singles Collection London Years. Among the Sycamores. Praise and Honor. Unison Voices, Two-Part Treble Until We Meet Again. While I have indeed used large portions of these two works in various combinations and forms, I have also added a substantial amount of new material of my own as well as throwing in the odd quote from other celebrated carnival-related pieces.

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The piece is therefore a sort of "re-composition", combining existing works and original composition to create a new take on an old chestnut. After an extended introduction derived from Tarrega which in fact the great guitarist stole from an opera by Julius Benedict!

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  • Saint-Saens, Camille Cavatine, op 144.

From there the composition is really a kind of virtuoso dialogue between the two instruments in five variations of ever-increasing speed and complexity. It is perhaps worth mentioning that Variation 3 is an extended interlude which introduces a programmatic element, as I attempted to musically depict some of the stock characters of the Italian carnival or commedia dell'arte. The guitar imitates a military drum as Rugantino the gendarme enters the scene, only to be cruelly mocked by Harlequin the clown. Harlequin's girlfriend Columbina then appears with her lovely waltz version of the theme, followed by the grumpy and complaining miser Pantalone as the music turns to a minor key.