Hunted by the Wolf

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Tip: Sign In to save these choices and avoid repeating this across devices. As you probably know by now, Michigan last year declared wolves a game animal, and, for the first time in more than 40 years, is allowing hunters to shoot them in some parts of the Upper Peninsula. Hunting has become a controversial sport.

Wolf hunting and trapping

Wolves were once almost extinct in Michigan, and it took years to get their numbers up to the or so there are today. However, farmers in the Western Upper Peninsula argue there are now too many wolves, and that they are a threat to livestock. This has been a long and emotional debate. Diligent work by reporters and a Department of Natural Resources investigation has shown that complaints about wolves are hugely exaggerated. Perhaps the very ones which killed the ram were still sitting there in a corner.

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Yes, it was not at all safe here, and there were no other people to be seen in the neighbourhood. It would be horrible to be eaten up here in the daylight, thought Walter to himself; and the more he thought about it the uglier and grayer the old kiln looked, and the more horrible and dreadful it seemed to become the food of wolves. If you tell a lie to-day and say you struck a wolf, to-morrow surely it will eat you up. But he did not go quite near. He went only so near that he could see the ram's blood which coloured the grass red, and some tufts of wool which the wolves had torn from the back of the poor animal.

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But it sounded horrid, and an echo came out from the kiln that seemed almost like the howl of a wolf. The drumsticks stiffened in Walter's hands, and he thought now they are coming! What did Walter do now? Yes, the brave Walter who alone could manage four, threw his drum far away, took to his heels and ran, and ran as fast as he could back to the mill. But, alas! Walter looked back; the wolf was quicker than he and only a few steps behind him.

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Then Walter ran faster. But fear got the better of him, he neither heard nor saw anything more. He ran over sticks, stones and ditches; he lost drum-sticks, sabre, bow, and air-pistol, and in his terrible hurry he tripped over a tuft of grass. There he lay, and the wolf jumped on to him It was a gruesome tale! Now you may well believe that it was all over with Walter and all his adventures. That would have been a pity. But do not be surprised if it was not quite so bad as that, for the wolf was quite a friendly one. He certainly jumped on to Walter, but he only shook his coat and rubbed his nose against his face; and Walter shrieked.

Yes, he shrieked terribly!

Wolf Poaching

Happily Jonas heard his cry of distress, for Walter was quite near the mill now, and he ran and helped him up. Well, well, was that the wolf? Was that the wolf which Walter was to take by the neck and shake and throw down on its back, no matter how much it struggled? Just look a little closer at him: he is your old friend, your own good old Caro. I quite expect he found a leg of the ram in the kiln.