Inner Healing

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The Power of Inner Healing Prayer

A married, twenty-two year old graduate student, Connie said she came to me because,…. Prayed inner healing and deliverance three months ago with forty year old Kim.

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Inner healing is using prayer and the Word of God to heal the deepest wounds to our souls; wounds were caused by trauma or abuse that is too much for us to cope with. Deliverance is just another more palatable word for Exorcism. Inner Healing And Deliverance Testimonials.

Love it 3. I got a late night call from a psychiatrist. Love it 0.

8 Signs You May Need Inner Healing

That which was out of rhythm with God's perfect design is removed! The cross was the final victory over sin and death.

11 Signs that you need inner healing

Victory was and is always there for our taking, yet sin and death are still hard at work to keep us from truly experiencing the freedom Christ has brought us. By healing the areas of our hearts that have not yet come into agreement with this truth, we experience the true freedom that God intended us to have. We can now experience victory and lift the illusion of defeat.

Biblical steps to inner healing

I nner healing is all about setting the captives free. Free from emotional pain. Free from depression. Free from behaviors that lead to broken relationship.

Free from trauma. Free from shame. Free from habitual sin. Free from you fill in the blank.

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