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Lola resting with her new cat-brother, SnoopDogg

Initial recordings of the song began in April , but, as the band's bassist John Dalton remembered, recording for "Lola" took particularly long, stretching into the next month. The song was then mixed during that month. Mick Avory remembered the recording sessions for the song positively, saying that it "was fun, as it was the Baptist's [John Gosling's] first recording with us". The guitar opening on the song was produced as a result of combining the sound of a Martin guitar and a vintage Dobro resonating guitar. Despite the chart success "Lola" would achieve, its fellow Lola vs.

Powerman track "Powerman" was initially considered to be the first single from the album. The success of the single had important ramifications for the band's career at a critical time, allowing them to negotiate a new contract with RCA Records , construct their own London Studio, and assume more creative and managerial control. In a interview, Dave Davies stated that, if "Lola" had been a failure, the band would have "gone on making records for another year or so and then drifted apart". Although the track was a major hit for the band, Dave Davies did not enjoy the success of "Lola", saying, "In fact, when 'Lola' was a hit, it made me feel a bit uncomfortable.

Because it was taking us out of a different sort of comfort zone, where we'd been getting into the work, and the writing and the musicality was more thought about. It did have that smell of: 'Oh blimey, not that again. And then it got odder and weirder".

LIFE @ LOLA RAMONA - It’s a GIRL! – Lola Ramona

Originally, "Lola" saw controversy for its lyrics. The BBC banned the track for a different reason. The original song recorded in stereo had the words " Coca-Cola " in the lyrics, but because of BBC Radio's policy against product placement , Ray Davies was forced to make a mile round-trip flight from New York to London and back on June 3, , interrupting the band's American tour, to change those words to the generic "cherry cola" for the single release, which is included on various compilation albums as well. Upon the single's release, the NME praised the song as "an engaging and sparkling piece with a gay Latin flavour and a catchy hook chorus".

Powerman album, praised the single as "astounding". The song was also well-liked by the band. Mick Avory, who noted the song as one of the songs he was most proud to be associated with, [13] said "I always liked 'Lola', I liked the subject. It's not like anything else. I liked it for that.

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We'd always take a different path". Satirical artist "Weird Al" Yankovic created a parody of the song called " Yoda ", featuring lyrics about the Star Wars character of the same name , on his album Dare to Be Stupid. Since its release, "Lola" became a mainstay in The Kinks' live repertoire, appearing in the majority of the band's subsequent set-lists until the group's break-up.

The B-side was the live version of " Celluloid Heroes ". The single was a moderate success, reaching number 81 on the Billboard Hot It topped the charts in both the Netherlands, matching the number one peak of the original version, [35] and in Belgium, where it exceeded the original's peak of three.

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Although it did not appear on the original version, another live version of "Lola" was included on the US double-album release of To the Bone , the band's final release of new material before their dissolution. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Song written by Ray Davies and performed by The Kinks. It was a real experience in a club. I was asked to dance by somebody who was a fabulous looking woman. I said "no thank you". And she went in a cab with my manager straight afterwards. It's based on a personal experience.

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But not every word. I remember going into a music store on Shaftesbury Avenue when we were about to make "Lola". Got some questions about ladybumps?

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Are you pondering pimples? Perplexed by periods?

Lola resting with her new cat-brother, SnoopDogg

And just what are the boy types going through right now? Lola Love and her Pink Ladies are here to help. Thanks for signing up! We've emailed you instructions for claiming your free e-book. Tell us more about what you like to read so we can send you the best offers and opportunities.

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Please note that your username is an e-mail address. Download your e-book s from your bookshelf. Format: E-book Quantity:. Specialty Booksellers Interest-specific online venues will often provide a book buying opportunity. International Customers If you are located outside the U. About Product Details Everything you ever needed to know about being a girl! Just remember, it might not always be easy but being a girl rocks! Lola: she's a writer girl, with pink hair and a pink 'tude to match. Bella: a platinum blonde guitar girl who is totally fearless. Sadie: a real fun-time frankie who loves craftin' and playin' the drums.

Angel: a fashionista of the highest caliber, she goes to a super-swank boarding school and has an afro as big as a house! What inspired you to create these characters and the Lola Love books? I'm agony aunt for Mizz magazine a UK mag for teen girls , and I was getting letters from girls about how their role models were Paris and Lindsey, how they hated what they saw when they looked in the mirror and how they weren't enough.

That made me pretty sad, so I looked around for books I could recommend and sshh, don't tell anyone, but they were a li'l bit dull and fact-y, so I decided to create a series of go-for-it guides, in a magazine style, with characters that girls would dig and want to know more about, so I did! It's a Girl Thing has lots of upbeat, practical advice for positivity.

Was there ever a time in your life when that advice helped you out?