Lettre à André Gillon sur les conditions du succès en libriairie (Littérature) (French Edition)

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Friar from Guatemala. He took the habit at Almolonga in He was known for his knowledge of native languages of Guatemala. Argentine Franciscan friar from Buenos Aires. Joined the Franciscans in his home town. After his studies for the priesthood and his theological formation, he became lector and preacher. In , he was appointed doctor of philosophy at the university of Cordoba. There he soon occupied numerous chairs philosophy, theology, canon law and also took up charges as chancellor and university rector in the period that saw the move towards independence of Argentinia.

Aside from these university tasks, Pantaleon took up several functions within his order provincial, synodal examinator of the Cordoba diocese etc. During the independence struggle, Pantaleon proved to be a devout patriot and advocate of independence, going as far as to give nationalist sermons in the Cathedral of Cordoba in May and April , and to preside over patriottic funerals of policians and military figures involved with the independence movement.

Re-issued in and This collection contains 80 sermons on feast days and religious festivities held in Cordoba. AIA 15 , ; V. Quid dicis. On the Language of Vesperae Bachanales by P.

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Franziskanischer Geist in Musik, Literatur und Kunst. Konferenzbericht Bratislava, 4. Oktober , ed. Between and active as missionary on the Philippines.


From onwards active in Japan Kyoto. After active as illegal missionary. After his capture in expelled to Mexico in In back in Japan. Disappears after Wrote several interesting reports on his missionary work. Uyttenbroeck , Early Franciscans in Japan Himeji, , Padre Pio da Pietrelcina, Member of the San Juan Bautista province Valencia. Jaime Sala Toledo: Imp. Barcelona, III, no. Lay friar from the Genoa province. Combined practical medical activities eye-surgery etc. Died at Genoa, on 21 February Saggio della vita dei cappuccini liguri illustri in virtu dottrina e santita Genoa, Molfino, Cappuccini liguri scrittori ed artisti Genoa, , ; I cappuccini genovesi Genoa, I, , Pasqualis Frasconi Pasqualis Frosconi, - Italian friar from Varese born 6 July Teacher, preacher and above all an accomplished administrator: two-times provincial minister , general commissioner for the Cismontan Observants and minister general for 23 years, from 21 May to 20 May Responsible for the redaction of new collections of order statutes, liturgical statutes and the author of a number of circular letters and encycliques.

Also stimulator of order historiography and a staunch defender of traditional Catholic values eroded by the advance of enlightment ideas. Pergamo, De P. Observant Franciscan friar from the Lille Rijssel monastery, who studied at Louvain and after finishing up in became lector.

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Nothing else is known about him, other that he translated a work from Latin into French see below. According to the Martyrologium prof. Andreae , Pasquier d'Orange would have died on May 29, , yet the commendation to Pierre Charpentier dates fro June 23 of that same year. According Willot and De Troeyer, Pasquier would have been alive in and Available via Google Books.

Minorum Provinciae S.

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Andreae , pars 2a: Mortilogium , f. William J. Paschalis Victoriensis Pascal de Vitoria, eerste helft 14e eeuw.

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Daar leerde Vittoria de mongoolse talen en het schrift dat hij voor zijn missie nodig had. Trokken vervolgens verder naar Al-Malik, ten zuid-oosten van het Balkal meer, waar zich een Franciskaans episcopaat bevond onder de bescherming van Khan Kazan. Na de moord op Khazan werd diens plaats ingenomen door de fanatieke Moslim Ali-Sultan , die op fundamentalisch-Islamitische wijze met geweld een eind maakte aan alle niet-islamitische uitingen van religie. Pascal deed verslag van zijn missie-activiteiten in zijn Brevis relatio sui itineris, rerumque a se gestarum per modum epistolae ad Fratres Conventus, et Custodice Victoriensis.

Dit verslag in briefvorm, verzonden uit Al-Malik 10 augustus , en gericht aan zijn medebroeders in Vitoria, is in verschillende oude kronieken van de orde opgenomen, en is ook herhaaldelijk geediteerd in de twintigste eeuw. Epistola Paschalis Victoriensis de suo in Tartariam itinere. In: Chronicae xxiv generalium.

Analecta Franciscana. III ; A. Wyngaert red.

Sbaralea, Supplementum. Born c.

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Since Taught philosophy in Augsburg and Passau , and later theology in Dettelborch and Passau Penitentiary of the cathedral between and Cathedral preacher between and Theologia Moralis super Decalogum et Sacramenta , 6 Vols. Salzburg: Joh. Bierbaum, 3 Vols. Paderborn, Now accessible via Google Books and other digital portals. Francisci strict. Recollectiones morales extemporaneae super Theologiam moralem universam a Kiliani Kazenberger, in froma compedii praesentatae, ac in irdinem connexionis materiarum digestae ab a Cherubino Mayr N.

Pezzana, Madrid, IX, nos.

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Paulinus de Scarbimiria Paulin of Skalbmierz, d. Polish Observant friar, active as a preacher and confessor, who died in Cracow on August 5, To him is ascribed an illustrated art of memory, geared towards the needs of preachers, entitled Populus meus captivus ductus est a quote from Isaiah The manuscript is known as the 'Codex of Pawel of Lomza', and amounts to a substantial miscellany with a wide range of differents treatises, sermons, pilgrimage accounts, miracle texts including Caesarius of Heisterbach's Dialogus Miraculorum. For more information on the manuscript and the author, see the introduction to the edition, as well as the literature mentioned below.

Neuordnungen des Wissens im Jahrhundert , ed. Italian friar. Active in the Padua convent December Priest around , and lector in probably also considering his age after he had passed through a non-degree lectorate course at a Franciscan studium generale. In October mentioned as custos of the Venice custody. Between and , he was active as inquisitor of the March of Treviso. Between and , the Venetian republic used Paulinus as ambassador at the neapolitan court of king Robert of Anjou.

In , Paulinus can be found at Aix-en-Provence. By then, he is already papal penitentiary. The pope also uses Paulinus as papal ambassador at Venice.

BF V Rome, , n.