Looking Down From Heaven

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Your explanations with scripture stating our loved ones do not watch over us has me thinking at it all differently. I know my mother is in heaven or another realm if science has it. However, I believe that if God allowed this woman to share her soul and create my sister and myself, she must still have a connection to us. But I believe what she sees is our souls and the light that shines from them that gives her peace.

That connection allows her the peace now as she does not know our physical pain or physical emotions. She sees us still living and when our light passes they know to meet us and take us home. No one, not even our loved ones can know such pain or hardship, especially if they have died. My mother dying to me is my experience alone, so different than my sisters or dads. No one can know my pain, loss or sadness. It is also mine to sort through, manage and live with. In that I know I can do it because I know my mother is always connected to me, since she created me.

Nothing can ever break that tie or connection. Memories are physical, rather I am a living being of my mother and to honor her, I must believe that she would never leave me alone. Thank you for this heartwarming article. My beloved Mother passed away recently, she was a wonderful mother and wife who worked tirelessly for others her whole life. Unfortunately she had no religious beliefs, citing lack of evidence for the claims of the various books God has written, although she did did scrupulous research in her later years. I am worried that when my time comes I will have an issue with God, knowing as I will that while he is loving and caring for me, he is simultaneously torturing my Mum.

I am not sure I could love a God who does that and am scared that I will end up with her for not loving him enough. Please help. C, thanks so much for your comment. I can understand why you worry that you will be angry with God when you meet Him. You will worship Him in awe, and you will fully understand why things happen the way that they do. I hope that this thought brings you a little comfort.

I would encourage you to seek out your pastor and talk with him about these things. Nope, my mom is not watching me cry over her absence. Thanks for your post.

Can people in heaven look down and see us? | deberlipillhe.cf

I recently lost my dad who was my absolute everything, we spoke at least 6 times a day, we never fought, we had the most unbelievable connection and my days without him are absolutely killing me, I cry I scream, I get angry.. For the gate is wide and the way is easy[a] that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many.

There is no way to know where our loved ones are.

We can only continue to have faith that they are with God. But for the sake of securing our own destiny, I believe we should not downplay any scriptures, especially these eye-opening ones. I wonder if you can understand this. I have been a Christian for a long time. One evening after dark my son and I went through a huge abandoned lake house with flashlights and a Sony Nightshot camcorder capable of infrared filming.

I was primarily curious about this structure that used to be a country restaurant and why it had been abandoned for 13 years. We had fun because it was spooky and a way for me to spend time with my 21 yr old son who no longer lived with me. When I did, I was shocked to hear all kinds of dark threatening voices telling us to get out.

We heard nothing at the time. However, while I know, that I know spirits can see us, hear us, and are always watching us, I have no evidence that they are loved ones. If somebody hears something, sees something, or feels something they should proceed with extreme caution and prayer.

Is the God-Centeredness of God Precious?

On tape the voices answered our questions before we asked them out loud. Our loved ones, even our pets, absolutely do watch over us and glimpse in on the pivotal and special moments in our lives. I agree that there are no more tears or sorrow in heaven. I have a special story about a VERY remarkable pet, who I feel was sent to me during a desperate and dark time, before I even had a relationship with God. My sister showed me an ad in the paper for Chihuahua puppies, while I was visiting her, 2 hours from my home.

We went to see the puppies, and the place we pulled up to was horrible. She was malnourished and very sick looking. At the age of almost 16, Pen passed from chronic kidney failure. Prior to that, she had a lifetime of health problems. She suffered from epilepsy, liver spots and failure which she miraculously recovered from seizures, mast cell cancer, etc.

As God Looks Down From Heaven…

But she always pulled through.. Immediately after Pen passed, my birthday arrived. I sat next to a bargain table to rest. Since then, even my fiancee finds both feathers, and pennies, in the oddest places. He once found a penny on a roof where he was working.

Psalms 14:2 New Living Translation (NLT)

All 3 of us were inseparable in life, and I believe, still inseparable after her passing. To think otherwise is silly and sad. Just wanted to share our special story. Not everything can be rationalized or explained away; some things really are a mystery. I do however think they remember their loved ones who are still here, and are aware of at least some things on earth. So they had to have some awareness of what was going on here. The souls who were martyred in Revelation are clearly aware what is happening on Earth as they ask how long until God will judge those who dwell on the Earth.

So they are aware of how they were killed and what is happening and has not happened yet on Earth. The rich man begged Abraham to send Lazarus to warn his brothers still on Earth about Hades who he also clearly remembered.

Looking Down from Heaven

I do think sometimes perhaps God who loves and comforts us shows us little signs letting us know our loved ones are okay and in his hands. My take is that once we depart from our material existence, we become one with God. When this happens, our wisdom or consciousness expands to infinity and the narrow limitations imposed by our bodily senses are gone.

Therefore, the worldly suffering that are supposedly seen by our loved ones who have departed become infinitesimal in the infinitely broader scheme of things when they become one with God.

http://sighpress.de/cms/includes/dortmund/spirituelle-partnersuche-deutschland.php In this life, we can try interpret things that cannot be fathomed in different ways. But in the end, if these interpretations will bring us closer to God then that is all that matters. I believe that loved ones that has passed on love never dies… always in our hearts and through memories.

Well I have a story about my grandpa that died in August and my mom was still crying because her dad died and we moved and we wanted to have my grandma and grandpa to live with us on our property and an old lady the owner of the house before we even moved in that she was taking her dog on a walk and she saw a stick formed as a cross and I think that was a sign from got that my grandpa is watching over me and my family. Its all BS-no one is watching over anyone. People imagine stupid things are a loved one sending a sign, Its a lot of garbage. Prayers are something we do to make ourselves feel better.

No proof whatsoever that any entity is watching over us. My Grandma recently just passed away. I believe that she is watching over me and my family every minute of everyday. I pray that she rests in peace.

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