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When Sarah Palin first stepped onto the national stage, I was, like many women, intrigued by her. She was running a state and breast-feeding a newborn and yet, amazingly, did not seem exhausted. There was something inspiring about seeing a woman so at ease with her choices, even as both liberal and conservative critics chided her for running for vice-president when her family needed her. Politics aside, when, at the convention, she delivered a politically deft speech like a pro, it was pleasing to witness the first woman on a Republican ticket perform so well.

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Of course, the myth of Sarah Palin unraveled almost as quickly as it was spun. By now, her bizarre filibustering, discomfiting blank stares, weird locutions, and general tendency to trip over herself verbally are familiar. Then Katie Couric, with a newfound air of gravitas, smothered Palin with her simple questions and soothing manner: Palin appeared stunningly uninformed, lacking a basic fluency in foreign policy and economic theory.

Palin was recast as the charmer, the glider, the dim beauty queen, the kind of woman who floats along on a little luck and the favor of men. It was enough to incense those of us who related to Hillary Clinton and her plight. By stepping into the spotlight unprepared, Palin reinforced some of the most damaging and sexist ideas of all: that women are undisciplined in their thinking; that we are distracted by domestic concerns or frivolous pursuits like shopping; that we are not smart enough, or not serious enough, for the important jobs.

And neither could they. They at least manage to come prepared for the big conversations and the critical meetings, no matter what they have going on at home. Nancy Pelosi? Michelle Bachelet? Enjoy the downtown Muscatine riverfront nightlife after the show!

Bring your hot rod, truck, motorcycle and family along for the River Rat Rumble! It's getting to be that time of year again! Make sure you clear your calendar for January 9th, and head to Dubuque, Iowa for Retro Rewind !

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She is basically loyal. How she lay at his feet and looked up adoringly.

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Or, bored with her devotion, ordered her to the kitchen. Than the casual cruelties, the ultimate dismissal. Not like the well-groomed pets of his new friends. You gag. Nice to have seen you again. Reprinted with the permission of Copper Canyon Press, P.

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Box , Port Townsend, WA , www. Previous in Issue Next in Issue. Visiting Carolyn Kizer. By Annie Finch. Mentorship from a woman poet is no small thing.