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The bill passed, but only after it was amended so that the women enlistees would not be granted full military status. Women had worn American military uniforms before. In the Civil War, an estimated four hundred women disguised themselves as men and fought on the battlefield — physical exams for enlistment were not so rigorous back then.

Women in the Military: World War II

Around 11, women served as Navy reservists, primarily performing clerical tasks. As early as , women could enroll as civilians in the Nurse Corps and Navy Nurse Corps, just as Rogers herself did from to Her parents had no idea. Her older brother had already been drafted, so that only left her parents with their ten-year old son: he later told Elder that those were difficult times for the family. Unfortunately, many people that Elder encountered during her service were not as understanding as her parents, and did not warm to the novelty of seeing a woman in the army.

Simply travelling to Daytona Beach, Florida, for her basic training in January proved difficult.

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The train conductor did not believe that her military ID was legitimate until he went further down the train to find an entire carriage nearly full with more women enlistees. WAACs were often slandered as unreliable sexual deviants, unfit for military service. Once Elder completed her basic training, she was assigned to the 1 st Separate Battalion. Which was not true.

1940s Women's Uniform in the U.S. Army Corps

We had Ph. They left from Port Shanks, New Jersey aboard the Aquitania , a British ship repurposed for carrying as many troops as possible. On the transatlantic voyage, the females of the WAC were segregated from the male battalions. After the Atlantic crossing, the Aquitania docked in Stowe, Scotland.

The Women's Army Corps

We have girls from nearly every state in the Union in the Battalion and all of them agreed that there was no place in the U. They are as green as green can be, all different shades, and each little field is outlined in hedge.

Women in the Military: World War II

It looks like a patch-work quilt, embroidered on the edges of each piece. When the platoon finally reached its destination, Elder seemed unimpressed, perhaps missing the Scottish hills.

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McGlinn admonished college women that. The manpower of America is needed in the field and women must step into the non-combatant jobs now being filled by soldiers. American women have accepted all the privileges enjoyed by men in this Democracy; now they are being called on to share some of the responsibilities. General Marshall approved the bill, which was introduced into the 78th Congress.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the legislation into law on 1 July With the termination of auxiliary status, WACs received the same pay, rank, and benefits as male soldiers. This was a remarkable advancement, especially considering that women in private industry on average earned only eighty percent of the salary of their male counterparts even in the year Although women with the Army Nurse Corps became eligible for officer rank and some retirement benefits following World War I, pay and allowances still differed from other officers.

This may be because caring for the sick was often considered a universally female role, and to recognize nurses as equal to male soldiers would have threatened established gender roles.


Reinforcing gender norms was indeed a priority during this period of gender integration. Dan V. Army Art Collection. Despite desiring and striving to retain their femininity, they placed a high value on service to their country. The consternation caused by the gender integration of the Army must not be understated. They tell me after I got over there that she cried for six months. He her father was afraid of what the neighbors would say.

Secretary of War Henry L.

HyperWar: The Women's Army Corps -- A Commemoration of World War II Service

I refer to charges of immorality…I wish to state that these rumors are absolutely and completely false…I emphasize that I have made a thorough investigation of these rumors. They are completely false. I returned from Africa two weeks ago to find the most atrocious, if not subversive, attack being directed against an organization of the Army, one of the finest we have ever created.

I refer to the WAAC. There was no foundation for the vicious slander, though some of it was given wide publicity. Some seem to be intent on the suicide of our own war effort, not to mention the defamation of as fine a group of women as I have ever seen assembled.

Such a procedure to me appears inexcusable. The women also wore a garrison cap of olive drab with straight sides trimmed in gold piping. Karen Clark has been writing professionally since Her work includes articles on gardening, education and literature.

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